Our menu changes according to seasonal ingredients and the creative whims of our chefs.
This is an EXAMPLE of our delicious offerings.

Antipasti * Appetizers

Portioned for one, but easy to share

  CALAMARI FRITTI- $11 floured and fried New Zealand squid  
  BURRATA - $18 Locally-made fresh burrata cheese/ pickled Italian goodies  
  FUNGHI CALDO- $14 mixed organic Niagara mushrooms/ baby spinach/ D.O.P. gorgonzola cheese  
  POLIPO E GAMBERI- $16 Moroccan-spiced octopus/ shrimp/ almond romesco  
  INSALATA DI RUCOLA- $14 organic baby arugula/ roasted red bell peppers/ goat cheese/ parmesan  
  INSALATA DI GAMBERI GRIGLIATA- $14 "New Farms" spicy salad greens/ grilled Pacific white shrimps/ Roma tomatoes/ french beans/ lemon vinaigrette  
  CAPRESE - $14 Ontario heirloom tomatoes/ locally-made buffalo mozzarella cheese/ basil/ Tuscan olive oil  
  SARDINES - $11 floured and fried Portuguese sardines/ salsa verde  
  GAMBERETTI E POMODORINI- $16 Fogo Island wild northern pink baby shrimp/ Sovereign farms mosaic cherry tomatoes/ St. Davids yellow peppers/ fresh strawberries/ basil dressing  
  POLENTA CON CINGHIALE- $15 seared polenta cake/ wild boar/ goat cheese/ sugo  

Primi * Pasta

No substitutions, just traditional pasta

  PENNE - $11.25 / $15.75 eggplant/ roasted shaved almonds/ fresh tomato  
  LASAGNE - $11.25 / $15.75 ground veal/ mozzarella/ tomato  
  LINGUINE - $11.25 / $15.75 rapini/ tomato  
  FETTUCINE - $26 Wild Boar Ragu  
  RISOTTO - $26 Shrimps/ Ontario Asparagus/ heirloom cherry tomatoes  
  LINGUINE LOBSTER- $31 6 oz. lobster tail/ shrimp/ asparagus/ roasted peppers/ garlic  

Secondi * Mains

À la carte main dishes

  PESCE- $18 Spigola filet/ endive/ radicchio/ red leaf lettuce/ heirloom cherry tomatoes  
  POLLO PARMIGIANO- $19 breaded Ontario chicken breast cutlet/ mozzarella/ sugo  
  COSCE D'ANATRA - $18 roasted King Cole Farms duck leg/ white wine/ rosemary/ grilled radicchio  
  POLPETTE DO ROSA - $16 Rosa's veal meatballs/ mozzarella/ tomato  
  COSTOLETTE D'AGNELLO- $24 grilled Ontario lamb chops/ blueberry-red wine reduction/ spinach/ mushroom  
  FOGO ISLAND MERLUZZO- $28 Fogo Island hand -line caught cod fillet/ tomatoes/ capers/ spicy giandiniera  
  INVOLTINI DI MANZO - $22 sliced beef striploin rolls/ Ontario asparagus/ almond romesco/ mozzarella/ caramelized onions  
  AGNELLO BRASATO - $19 braised lamb shank/ white wine/ rosemary/ peas/ onion  
  PALMUGIANE CON SUGO - $17 breaded eggplant/ Romano cheese/ tomato  
  VEAL LIMONE - $19 veal scallopini/ lemon/ white wine/ sweet potato mash  

Contorni * Sides


  CAVOLFIORE - $8 roasted cauliflower/ salsa verde/ parmesan  
  HEIRLOOM CHERRY TOMATO SALAD - $8 Sovereign Farms mosaic cherry tomatoes/ basil/ salt/ olive oil  
  FAGIOLINI - $8 french beans/ pancetta  
  ROASTED BROCCOLI - $8 parmesan/ olive oil  
  INSALATA ITALIANA - $7 red leaf/ radicchio/ endive/ balsamic vinaigrette  
  Gratuity may be added for parties of 6 or more --- Prices do not include taxes
Ask your server about the FAMILY STYLE dinner for $39.00 per person (min. two people)