Red wines

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  5oz. 1/2 litre btl
(750 ml)


Terre di Chieti: Fantini 2015
Fruity with a note of wood flavour. medium bodied, good tannins, balanced and ready to drink!
9.75 25 49


Velenosi: Brecciarolo 2014
Its warm, lingering, full-bodied and well-orchestrated flavour makes it a distinguished and equally charismatic wine.
12 32 48


Montepulciano d'Abruzzo: Abruzzo 2014
Bright dark ruby-red. The wine exhibits aromas of sour cherry, red berries, blood orange, minerals and aromatic spices, complemented by cola nuances. On the palate, juicy finish spreads out to saturate the palate, finishing with noble tannins.
13 35 52

Chianti DOCG

Fattoria di Scannano 2014
Intense bouquet, rich and fruity with hints of a balsamic note. Harmonious and clean on the palate. Dry with great body. Great varietal character and length. This one of my favourite Chiantis to drink regularly. its a perfect expression of really what a simple Chianti should taste like. Enjoy!
13.25 36 53


Bodega Garzon 2014
A nice mix of red and black fruit along with white pepper and other spices. The mouth is rich, vibrant and fresh with juicy and lively tannins. There is a beautifully balanced energy to the wine.
16.25 43 65

Passo del Sud

Appassimento: Puglia 2015
An intense, full bodied wine with a smooth, velvety edge and an aroma evocative of the Puglia region. the ripasso method takes full advantage of the southern depth of the grapes.

Sei Caselle

Negroamaro: Puglia 2014
Deep red in colour. Full with fruity and spicy notes. Spent 4 months in French oak barrels.


Sangiovese Merlot: Umbria 2013
Good structure supported by fresh acidity and harmonious tannins; the finish hints at fresh red fruit, with persistent and pleasant softness.


Primitivo di Salento: Puglia 2013
Intense and persistent. garnet red colour, a balanced tannic point and a strong scent of jam. Remains smooth even as a medium to heavy wine. Aromas of vanilla, rasberry, blackberry, black cherry and red plums.


Stratus 2013
Pretty red with soft medium purple hue in the glass. nose of ripe red berry and pronounced rose floral overtones. French oak with a hint of coffee bean. very rich and firm in the mouth.

Le Pratola Merlot

Rocca di Castagnoli: Gaiole in Chianti 2009
Aroma of ripe red fruit, black pepper, leather. Strong and full-bodied on the palate, yet fresh and elegant, with remarkable but at the same time smooth tannin. A powerful wine which can also be stored for long periods.
The vineyard "Le Pratola" is located at 400m above the sea level and well exposed to the sun, whilst protected during the hours of most intense sunshine. The marly and draining soil adds minerality and a natural acidity to the wine. The lower temperatures during the night favour a slow maturation and an optimal balance between complexity and smooth tannin.


Zinfandel: Napa California 2014
This dry and purplish red coloured red showcases a complex nose releasing woody, fruity and vegetal scents. You will be charmed with this full-bodied wine revealing a broad texture, fleshy tannins and a long finish.
A name that doesn't need any more introduction. Charming and accessible, Chuck Wagner's Zinfandel is just perfect with grilled meats or a main course of braised beef.
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