7Numbers Eglinton

Tuesday through Saturday 5pm-11pm
Sunday 5pm-10pm

Reservations at Eglinton
- Parties of six or more only
- 24hrs notice for emails please

- One cheque per table/group
  (multi payments accepted)
- Family Style Menu is a must for
  groups of 10+ on weekends
- Groups of 12+ will be seated
  at parallel tables (one long table
  not possible for 13 or more)
- Tables are re-booked at 2hr intervals
- Tables are only held for 15 minutes
  beyond your reserved time, please
  ensure your guests arrive promptly




516 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto Ontario M5N 1A5

Parking Green P parking logo

One block east of us is Castle Knock Road, turn north and you will see the entrance to a Green P parking lot that runs behind our row of buildings - please don't come through the alleyway - it's an alleyway! Come in the front door, we're friends! You can try your luck parking on the side streets, but we're staying out of it!

TTC TTC logo

From Eglinton (Yonge) subway station take any 32-series bus, it's a five-minute ride, hop off at the Heddington stop and you are standing at our front door!

From Eglinton West (University) subway station take any 32-series bus but make sure it is headed east to Eglinton/Yonge station. Hop off at Tarlton Road, but be careful crossing the street, it's busy!

Coming for dinner?

We started out just down the block from here on the corner of Braemar and Eglinton West, now we're sandwiched between the Second Cup on the corner of Heddington and the best Chinese steakhouse in the city, Chan. The purple awning, yup, that's us.

Come visit and find out why Rosa rules. From her soulfood approach to the loud but friendly atmosphere, we're proud to call this our 'hood, and even more proud of the friends we make here. Come find out which staffer is Turbo, which one is The Man of 1000 Laughs, and who we call Boomerang. We'll make it worth your while.