STOP #NoShows, #RespectTheRestaurant

Please Honour Your Reservations. Thanks to the Farmhouse Tavern for leading the way.

Please arrive on time as a full group and recognize that your table may be re-booked after 2 hours. Late arrivals, last-minute cancellations or a reduced number of guests leave other guests standing in line. Not cool.


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Why? Here's one reason: Mamma Rosa is often cooking up amazing dishes for the staff that aren't on our menu. So we thought why not offer them to our customers as well? Except there's a catch: You have to follow us on Instagram to find out what the "secret" menu item is for the night!




What the heck is 7Numbers?

Our customers gave us the 7Numbers name. The restaurants are numbered Ontario corporations; 2047409 Ontario Inc. on the Danforth, and 2113407 Ontario Inc. on Eglinton West. Shows how smart our customers are!


2113407 ONTARIO INC.

516 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto
416.322.5183 |
Tuesday through Saturday 5pm-11pm
Sunday 5pm-10pm
Closed Mondays


2047409 ONTARIO INC.

307 Danforth Avenue Toronto
416 469 5183 |
Tuesday through Saturday 5pm-11pm
Sunday 5pm-10pm
Closed Mondays